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Custom Abutment
& PFM Crown

We work with all the major abutment milling manufacturers to deliver superior cementable PFM restorations.

Utilizing the latest cad/cam technology, we produce a wide variety of customized implant abutments to fit any patient's needs.

Custom titanium is an exceptionally strong and precise alternative to traditional custom cast abutments. Using our in-house scanner and our highly trained experienced technicians, we are able to design and produce abutments that cannot compare to those from any other lab.

We normally use Atlantis Titanium Abutments unless otherwise specified. They are the original custom abutment manufacturer and provide lifetime warranties on all their metal products (including the implant). If you prefer a different service, just specify in the RX. 

We work with a wide variety of abutment manufacturers from ARC, Atlantis, BellaTek, MCenter, Medentika, Procera, Vulcan and many others. We have a solution that fits any need - contact us to learn more!

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