Removable Restorations

We have a full-service removable department ready for any case or indication. From flexible partials to milled dentures, Marotta Dental Studio is committed to delivering the best results possible in-house. No matter the need, we will have a solution that fits.


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Our dentures are second to none with dedicated technicians working on every stage. From custom trays to the finished product, you are backed by the support and service Marotta Dental Studio is known for. While all our dentures are of the highest quality, if you have a specific tooth brand or material you prefer, rest assured we can process it. Contact us to learn more about all our removable products. 

Digital Dentures

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Utilizing the latest cad-cam technology we are able to produce milled and 3D printed dentures in-house. With over 30 years of cad-cam experience, you can count on Marotta Dental Studio to deliver superior digital denture products. If you prefer, we can utilize the AvaDent or Dentca system. Otherwise, we can mill using Ivoclar Vivadent products. Experience the Marotta difference in all our digital removable products.


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Marotta Dental Studio is one of the few dental laboratories still producing metal partials in house. With a dedicated, classically trained waxer and finisher, you can rest assured that our partials live up to the Marotta name. Insertion is a breeze and we can handle any case design no matter how complex. Because we produce in-house, there is no need to wait for outsourcing for the framework. All our technicians work together as a team to ensure that from the setup to insertion, everything is designed to work without having to go back and forth for adjustments.


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We have numerous different clasping options available for partials. Typically, partials include metal clasps but we have the ability to apply flexible clasps as well as tooth colored polymer clasps if required.

Flexible Partials

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By utilizing the TCS Unbreakable system, we can deliver acrylic-free flexible partials. TCS Unbreakable is a biocompatible polyamide that blends naturally with multiple gingival shade options. It can deliver outstanding esthetic results without the need for metal clasps or meshwork.

Metal-Free Partials

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Whether a patient has allergies or just a preference, Marotta Dental Studio is here to provide you with metal-free options. Utilizing the latest in advanced polymers (from Juvoria™, Ultaire™ and other Pekkton and PEEK brands) we have the ability to produce a wide variety of metal free partials.


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When you need a quick temporary for an extraction, flippers have been a go-to standard. We produce all our flippers in house and have a rapid turn around time. Whether all acrylic or with wire clasps, flippers can be a perfect solution for extracted teeth and/or to protect an implant placement during healing.

Flexible Flipper

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We utilize the TCS Unbreakable system for our flexible flippers, partials, and clasps. TCS Unbreakable is a biocompatible polyamide that is acrylic-free and provides a flexible esthetic option for patients. They are suitable for patients allergic to acrylic as well as for cases where metal clasps would not work.


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No matter what relines will be necessary for dentures, you can rest assured that our dedicated technicians perform denture relines quickly and accurately.

Essex Appliance

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For quick replacement of missing teeth, Essex appliances are a great restorative choice. Utilizing a denture tooth inserted into a suck down, they pop on just like clear aligner trays and easily replace a missing tooth.


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Custom nightguards are a great way to protect restorations as well as help patients who suffer from bruxism. We fabricate soft, hard and combination hard/soft nightguards. We have a variety of systems to choose from that can fit any potential indication.

Sleep Apnea Appliance

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We work with multiple partners who fabricate sleep apnea appliances: from Panthera’s D-SAD (see more here) to Respire Medical (see more here) array of appliances. Sleep Apnea Appliances are medical devices highly regulated by the FDA and should follow specific provisions. We also fabricate the EMA appliance in-house if requested, and you can learn more about the EMA Appliance here. We typically defer to the experts when requested; if you have questions or want to learn more please contact us anytime.


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Marotta Dental Studio is a leader in cranio-facial engineering and obturators are no different. We have a leading department that has developed several different types of restorations for cancer patients. Using all the skills of our removable and gold technicians, there is no indication we cannot work with.

Rapid Palatal Expander

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Marotta Dental Studio is adept at all aspects of assisting with cranio-facial cases. This extends to fabricating rapid palate expanders. Utilizing the super screw system, this is an easy to manage prosthesis that can provide 11mm to 13mm of expansion.


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