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Send A Digital Case

Sending a digital case?


Sending digital files are quick and easy. Below find a guide for adding us on your intraoral scanner. If you have 3D files you want to send click here to upload.


  1. Go to

  2. Login with your 3shape communicate account (created when you got the Trios).

  3. Search for either 'Marotta Dental Studio' by email:

  4. Once connected just choose Marotta Dental Studio as a laboratory when sending cases.



  1. Call 800-577-8767

  2. Select Option 1

  3. Request Marotta Dental Studio be added to your scanner - you can use our phone number 631-249-7520

  4. Once connected you may need to restart your scanner to see the lab as an option.


  1. You can find us on Sirona connect under 'Marotta Dental Studio'

  2. You can add and send us cases like any other lab.


  1. Search for Marotta Dental Studio by email:

  2. Alternatively you can go to and login via your account to add a lab.

  3. Once connected you can select the lab when sending cases.


  1. Login to your CS Connect account by going to or click the CS Connect Button.

  2. Under choose a laboratory in the email field enter:

  3. Once connected select the lab when sending the case.

Neoss Neoscan

  1. Search for 'Marotta Dental Studio' under labs

  2. Ensure the scanner is set to the United States in order to find the laboratory

Other Systems

  1. Export the scans as a .STL file

  2. Use our file upload or digital RX to send the case to us.

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