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Crown & Bridge Restorations

Not every case is an implant case and our Crown & Bridge department is here, ready to deliver outstanding results. Combined with our support team who is with you every step of the way, experience all the restorative options Marotta Dental Studio has available. By utilizing the latest technology and timeless techniques, we deliver superior results. Trust the experience of over 75 years of dental esthetics, technology, and service. We will deliver a step-by-step treatment plan and quote, so you and your patients never have any surprises. Whether for a single unit or for full-mouth rehabilitation, come experience the Marotta difference.


Brux+™ Zirconia


Brux+™ is our line of full contour zirconia restorations.


Utilizing our custom zirconia pucks allows us to deliver outstanding strength and esthetics. We have options from higher-strength opaque restorations to highly esthetic layered pucks.


With our custom blended zirconia, we can match any shade and give you peace of mind that there won't be any porcelain chipping or fracturing. You can compare Brux+ with BruxZir™ and Zirlux™ crowns.

Zir+™ Crown

Explore our Zir+™ Crowns here


Zir+™ is our line of porcelain fused to zirconia restorations.


Utilizing our custom zirconia pucks allows us to deliver outstanding strength and esthetics. With hand-layered feldspathic porcelain, we deliver unmatched esthetics even for anterior teeth.

With our custom-blended zirconia we can also do only a facial buildup to ensure that the occlusal surfaces are in zirconia and still deliver a highly esthetic restoration.

e.max™ Lithium Disilicate

Explore our e.max Crowns here


Marotta Dental Studio was one of the pioneers of lithium silicate restorations.

Starting with Empress™ and transitioning to e.max and e.max CAD, this versatile material is the backbone of our all-ceramic armamentarium.

We use e.max certified mills from Ivoclar to produce all our restorations in-house, saving you time and money in the process. You can rest assured that our years of experience will pay off in delivering precision restorations that drop in and look beautiful.

e.max™ Maryland Bridge

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Utilizing e.max we can deliver single-wing Maryland bridges.

The Maryland bridge is a fantastic option to replace missing teeth or provide a long-term restoration over an integrating implant. Utilizing a single wing on the lingual surface of an adjacent tooth, this is a conservative option as opposed to prepping two teeth for a bridge.

Typically utilized for anterior teeth, they can preserve space and tissue after a tooth is lost until the patient is ready for an implant. Additionally, they can serve as the definitive restoration if prescribed.

N-Style™ Veneers


Whether foil or e.max based, our veneers combine high strength and esthetics. Utilizing our custom blended N-Style porcelain, our veneers provide unsurpassed esthetics. N-Style and e.max veneers form a foundation of our esthetic line of products. Our veneers can provide more of a mask for underlying tooth structure and provide a highly esthetic and desirable result for your patients.

All-Ceramic Products

Over 35 years of digital technology experience


We have a large range of zirconia and glass ceramics available to meet any esthetic demands.


For glass ceramics, we have a large variety of material choices from Ivoclar Vivadent e.max to Lisi Press™, Obsidian™, N!ce™, Celtra Duo™ and many others. You can rest assured that whatever you are looking for we can fabricate.

We also mill a variety of zirconia pucks from BruxZir™, Celtra™, Katana™, Zirlux™, ZirCAD™ and e.max PRIME™. We will match whatever esthetic demands are prescribed and can source any materials if necessary.


Click to learn more about 3D printed PFM's


Marotta Dental Studio is one of the few labs still using large amounts of alloy.


There are still cases that are best served by a PFM restoration. We have a full gold department capable of fabricating anything from single units to full arch PFM roundhouses.

We apply an artist’s touch to every restoration we create. From hand waxing to the porcelain buildup, our technicians treat each restoration as a work of art as unique as the patient it's for.

N-Style™ Porcelain

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Marotta Dental Studio has our own line of N-Style™ custom blended ceramics to ensure the best esthetic results no matter the case. Whether a single unit PFM for pink porcelain or a full arch implant case, experience the Marotta Difference on all our esthetic work.

Metal Maryland Bridge

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A conservative and long-lasting restorative option.

Maryland Bridges utilize lingual wings that support the pontic tooth. Suitable for long term restorations, they are typically utilized in the anterior to help sculpt tissue and wait for a site to be suitable for an implant restoration.

If an implant can't be placed, a Maryland Bridge can be utilized as a long-term definitive restoration. In metal, there are more options available for the wing - from full coverage to inlay rests. This opens up even more restorative options.

Custom Shade/Stain

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We are proud to offer shade matching and staining in our custom shade-taking operatory. Utilizing state of the art technology, lighting, and armed with every major shade guide, there is no shade that we cannot match or create. The technician who is working on the case will be the one to see the patient to ensure a perfect match.

Full Cast Crowns

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When indicated, full cast crowns deliver predictability and longevity.

Whether hand waxed or designed digitally, we produce an array of yellow gold, white gold, or other suitable alloy restorations.

While there is a constant focus and drive for zirconia, all ceramic full cast crowns still have a place.


Contact us for a complete case estimate


No matter the material, we have a solution for you. From gold to e.max, we can make precision-fit inlays and onlays. Whether digital or hand-waxed, you can rest assured that we have 75 years of experience behind all our products.

Laser Welding

Experience 75 years of dental technology


Utilizing a laser under an argon atmosphere, laser welding is a next generation technology. More precise then traditional torch welding, laser connections have a precise fit and clean finishing.

Telescopic Copings

We are with you every step of the way


Telescopic copings are ideal for cases where there is no even path of insertion. Custom fabricated copings allow the final prosthesis that sits on top to have an easier path of draw.

Interlocks & Rests

No case is too complex, contact us today


Marotta Dental Studio is your go-to partner for large and complex cases.

Our technicians are all cross-trained and work closely across departments to ensure that every piece comes together perfectly. We have over 75 years of experience across all phases of dentistry. If you need support for larger & complex rehabilitation, let us be your go-to partner.

Our support team is second to none in the industry and will be your guide through each phase of the restoration. Whether rehabilitating an old case with hard to find parts or finding a novel solution that can't be solved with out-of-the-box components, we are your partner each step of the way.

Waxup & White Waxup

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Having a plan is the foundation of any case. Our ceramists are the ones to fabricate esthetic and white waxups for cases. Ensure that what you present to the patient can be delivered. Either digitally designed or hand carved, we will prepare a perfect presentation for what is achievable for a case.


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For custom composite crowns, inlays, or wings, look no further than Marotta Dental Studio. Our ceramists have been cross trained with our removable department to be able to deliver outstanding esthetic results utilizing composite. These restorations provide outstanding results and strength.


Explore our temporary material here


Lab processed temporaries offer higher strength and longevity.

All of our temporaries are now milled from PMMA -Poly(methyl methacrylate). Utilizing a solid puck of material ensures that our milled temporaries are suitable for long term wear.

With advances in the material available, we are even able to use multi-layered PMMA for enhanced esthetics. You can deliver a beautiful temporary for esthetic cases that will also stand up to long term wear.

Metal Reinforced Temp

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Combing our milled PMMA with custom cast metal reinforcement results in the longest lasting temporary bridge.


A custom metal bar is cast to ensure the temp is not overly bulky and provides additional support for larger span bridges. Combined with the milled PMMA you can rest assured that your large span bridges will look beautiful and last the rigors of long-term wear and try-in's.


Whether a final case of individual crowns or a splinted bridge, this provisional will last until the case is complete.

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