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Leonard Marotta, CDT, MDT, PhD

Dr. Leonard Marotta graduated from the Kerpel school of  Dental Technology in New York City. Lenny continued his training through graduate studies at Farleigh Dickenson University, where he focused on Gnathology and SubPeriosteal, Blade and Staple implants. He earned his degree in engineering from Farmingdale State College, State University of New York. He has a PhD from L.M.U. Leeds Metropolitan University in Biomedical Engineering.

Lenny earned his CDT in four categories: Ceramics, Crown and Bridge, Partials, and Dentures. Lenny is one of the founding members of the Master of Dental Technology, ASMDT, program at NYU.

He is a Professor in Science and Technology Programs, School of Engineering Technology, at Farmingdale State College, State University of New York.

Lenny is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Implant Dentistry, Restorative and Prosthodontic Science, and the department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics at New York University College of Dentistry.

Lenny studied with the first graduating class of restorative dentists and surgeons in the Branemark system from the University of Toronto in 1984.

Lenny is the owner of Marotta Dental Studio and MDS Cranial Facial Engineering, which specializes in the fabrication of titanium medical and dental implant prosthetics.

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