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Implant Restorations

Custom Abutments



Marotta Dental Studio has been on the forefront of digital technology for over 30 years. Marotta was one of the first laboratories producing custom titanium abutments. Today, that legacy extends to every implant restoration that we fabricate using custom abutments. We work with a variety of implant manufacturers to ensure that you have FDA approved, warrantied products.

Encode™ Abutments

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Encode™ abutments are fabricated by Zimmer-Biomet and work for any impression taken with their Encode™ Healing Abutments. Each healing abutment has special markings that, when scanned, allow us to produce a model and abutment restoration without ever having to remove the healing abutment. They are essentially scan bodies that are also healing abutments. Available for Biomet 3I Certain implants as well as Zimmer Screw-Vent, you can rest assured that we have 30 years of digital experience behind every restoration we make.

Osseo Casting

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When digitally produced prosthetics do not work, you can rest assured that our gold and implant department can fabricate a restoration for any indication. Utilizing only the highest quality alloy and genuine manufacturers parts, we produce a wide range of cast implant restorations.

Verification Jig

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Splinted implant cases – especially ones using zirconia and other all ceramic restorations – must have a verification jig completed before fabrication. The verification jig consists of titanium cylinders held together with GC resin. This allows us to verify that the models we are using in the laboratory accurately reflect what is in the patient’s mouth. No matter how complex the case, we will be there to ensure that it is a success.

Stabilized Bites & Setup

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Denture principles underlay the foundation of any of our larger full arch cases. We focus on each step when fabricating larger cases, and these foundation stages are integral to ensuring final esthetic success.

Full Contour Prototype

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Any large-span zirconia implant bridge will receive a full-contour prototype first. This appliance is milled the same way the final restoration will be out of an acrylic material so that if any adjustments are needed, you can make them in a softer material. Patients can wear the prosthesis and ensure that everything is perfect. The scan frame is then returned to the laboratory so that it can be scanned and precisely duplicated into the final restoration.

Custom Abutments
Encode Abutments
Osseo Casting
Verification Jig
Stabilized Bites & Setup
Full Contour Prototype

Fixed - Removable Restorations

Fixed - Removable



​Marotta Dental Studio has been a leader in overdenture fabrication for over 30 years. We continue to utilize a variety of systems including locators to retain upper and lower dentures. Locators are proven to handle a verity of indications. We are your partners to help with any stage of locator design. From the Locator R-TX™, F-TX™ and all their accessories, trust the Marotta experience and knowhow to be with you for every stage of the case.

ERA™ Attatchments

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Sterngold ERA™ attachments form a foundation for our partial restorations especially the Distal ERA™ attachments. These attachments adhere either to a crown or implant bar and help provide additional retention for removable restorations.

Locator™ Bar

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Combing the benefits of a fixed implant bar with the cleansability of a locator overdenture. A custom milled or cast bar is tapped with locator attachments. By tapping the locators, if anything ever happens the part can easily be removed and replaced. The final overdenture is retained by the locators providing a superior fit for patients. Ideal for patients that may have a large overjet or with other cleansability issues, this combines the stability of a splinted implant restoration with the benefits of removable.

Lock N Release™

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Manufactured by Panthera Dental, this prosthesis allows patients to remove the appliance easily by utilizing two buttons on the anterior segment. When clicked in, the restoration is stable, allowing patients to eat and smile confidently. With the push of the buttons, the custom interface disengages from custom ball attachments and the prosthesis can be removed for cleaning.

Conus™ Overdenture

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Utilizing the Conus™ Abutments from Atlantis-Dentsply™, this is a patient-removable overdenture that utilizes a resilient attachment. No more nylons to replace, this prosthesis has metal housings that sit right on the abutment. This provides ample retention, but still allows the prosthesis to be removed for cleaning.

Locator Attatchmens
ERA Attatchments
Locator Bar
Lock N Release
Conus Overdenture
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