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The Locator Attachment from Zest Anchors has been the foundation of almost all implant retained dentures and overdentures. It is a robust and proven system that effectively provides anchors to give patients more confidence when wearing dentures.

Marotta Dental Studio has  been a partner from their founding and you can rely on our history and expertise when fabricating restorations with Locator Attachments.

We are available to help plan cases, order parts, and support restorations after fabrication. Below you will find some useful information regarding common parts and pieces.

If you are looking for a specific size that isn't served by stock parts or need angle correction learn more about our custom locator abutments here!


Choose Attachment Height

Attachment Types and Height
locator heights.jpg

Locator Attachments come in a variety of cuff heights (ranging from 0mm to 6mm).

Cuff height is determined by measuring the height of the tissue around the head of the implant. You want to measure the part with the deepest tissue to ensure the locator sits above the tissue. If the attachment is too low, it will be hard to get retention.

You are always welcome to send an implant model to the lab and we will happily supply the appropriate attachment for you.

How to Know the difference:


Standard Locator
Gold Colored Top


Locator R-TX
Pink Colored Top


Proper Tools & Torque

locator tool.png

The standard locator has a special triangle driver that is sold as part of a servicing kit.

There are also adapters for torque wrench and motors.

For the Locator R-TX attachment (new style) it uses a .050" Hex Driver.

Final torque is typically 30ncm, but always check with the implant manufacturer.


Locator Males

Locator Males

Standard Locator Males & Extended Range


Locator R-TX Males

Locator males are the inserts that fit into the metal housings that retain the overdenture to the attachment. They are color coded by retention level.

All lab-processed Locator cases are typically delivered with the lowest level of retention unless otherwise specified.

For chairside processing, the metal housings will be returned with the black processing males. The black processing cap stops any pivoting to ensure the metal housing is placed properly. These should be removed and replaced with inserts of the proper retention.

We are happy to provide replacement males and support on what to choose.


Locator F-Tx Attachments

Locator F-Tx Attachments

The Locator F-Tx is a new attachment system to provide fixed restorations without using screws or cements. The F-Tx system can provide for 20° angle correction on path of insertion and does not require screw access.

It has a system of tools for insertion and removal and is only removable by the clinician. It can be very technique sensitive and requires special tools for insertion and removal, but the final product can be highly esthetic and reduce complications typically associated with trying to get a passive seat on cases.

To learn more visit Zest Anchors here.

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