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The Digital Xperience is Marotta Dental Studio's full service digital program. Get hands-on experience with any intraoral scanner in your office on a real patient. We can help facilitate financing and installation. We have certified trainers and provide support for your new intraoral scanner.

Digital Scanners
Digital Experience

Marotta Dental Studio is proud to introduce the Digital Dental Xperience, our full service digital program. We are able to bring today’s most popular intraoral scanners to your office so you can use them with real patients. Experience the full digital process and get real world answers from a name you trust, not a salesperson.


The DX Program

  • Try out any scanner risk free in your office with real patients


  • Get expert advice and support in picking out the best scanner for your practice


  • We support you through every step of the process from purchase, installation, and training to everyday support and new updates

We support the Trios, Medit i500, 3M TruDef, iTero,

DentalWings, Carestream and PlanScan intraoral scanners

Digital Dentistry
The Experience

What Scanner do you Recommend?

We are often asked this question, and unfortunately there is no easy answer. Every scanner has its pros and cons. What you anticipate using it for plays a large role in the decision making process. We can help determine the best system for your practice and you can then try out any scanner in your office. Get a hands on experience with your patients and see what system will work best for you.


Once you decide, we will be your partner for installation and training. We have certified trainers for all the major digital scanners.


Our support doesn't end there. We are your first call for all technical issues, continued training, and can provide assistance right away. We also host a digital study club to ensure you always stay on top of the latest information, tips, and tricks.

Arrange an in-office experience today!
Call 866-MAROTTA
or email

The Digital Dental Xperience Study Club is a unique educational facility that strives to promote dental excellence through an informative study club dedicated to digital technologies. Our courses are taught by instructors who have a love for teaching and hands-on experience with the subject matter. We strive for a straightforward approach to teaching that concentrates on providing essential information and skills.
We have more than 30 years of teaching experience in all phases of dentistry: this enables to make learning focused and meaningful.
It is our goal to create an open and collaborative environment to come together to learn, grow, and create the best plan to implement a digital solution in your practice. We offer a number of meetings throughout the year as well as a dedicated member-only forum to talk and collaborate with other members, faculty, and experts in the field.


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Study Club

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