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The time is now to integrate digital dentistry

Marotta Dental Studio is with you every step of the way

Marotta Dental Studio is an industry leader in quality and craftsmanship. Our success has been intrinsically linked to utilizing timeless craftsmanship and the latest technology. 


We have always been on the forefront of Cad/Cam dentistry, beta testing the latest systems and designs. 


Digital dentistry is more than just pushing a button and milling a crown. Our technicians are trained on all the aspects of hand waxing and casting before working on a digital system. 


By combining two unique skill sets we are able to seamlessly integrate cad/cam dentistry into our lab. This has enabled us to meet our own high standards with every restoration we make, whether designed on a computer or waxed by hand. 


Our approach has always meant that we combine timeless skills with the latest technology. This is what we bring to you. 


We are able to bring any scanner to your office, and let you try them out with your own patients. Experience a complete digital workflow and see the results before making a decision. 


Our experts are able to guide and assist you in making the transition. We know what works, and what will help enhance your practice. 


Marotta Dental Studio is more than a salesman. We are your partner who helps and supports your system and practice. We are available to troubleshoot and show you how to get the most out of your intraoral scanner. 


With our digital solutions you truly have a full service laboratory at your side. We stand with you every step of the way and won't disappear once you buy a system. More importantly you aren't locked to us. 


You simply have a digital partner that is there when you need it most. 


Marotta Dental Studio is your 21st century full service laboratory partner.


  • Marotta Dental Studio has been an industry leader in cad/cam technology



  • We bring that leadership and experience to your practice



  • Let us bring any scanner right to your office



  • Get hands on experience with a complete digital workflow



  • We support and grow with you without locking you to any contract



  • Marotta Dental Studio is your 21st century full service laboratory partner

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

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