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"If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it well enough"

Albert Einstein

Partner Support

We are here for you every step of the way. One of the benefits of being a large lab is being able to handle any type of case - but we are still small enough to get on the phone without being transferred through four different departments.

Our support team is here for you - by phone or email - come experience the Marotta difference today.

Partner Support

Treatment Planning

We aim to complete every case on time and avoid having to reschedule appointments. Please refer to the scheduling guide below to help plan out return dates. Cases requiring parts or attachments will require extra time to order them.

If you need a case rushed, simply contact us to schedule the case ahead of time.

Treatment Plannng

Component Identification

Have an x-ray and aren't sure what implant you are seeing? Old overdenture and don't know the attachment? Send along photos and x-rays to us and let us help identify and order the proper components. With over 75 years of experience, we have seen it all. Simply use the link below to submit your information.

Component Identification

Parts Ordering

If you need to order an impression coping, Locator male, or a replacement screw, simply use the link below and we will get the parts shipped right out to you.

Parts Ordering
Full Service Support & Troubleshooting

From Marotta Dental Studio

Digital Support

Contact Us Today


Phone: 866-MAROTTA

Fax: 631-249-2343


Scanner not working? 


Can't capture a margin? 


Did you see a feature online and need help to use it? 


Has your support period ended?


Marotta Dental Studio is here to help. Our team is your first line for support. Let us remote in and help. We will even contact and run point for any support from your scanner's company. We even provide extended support plans well beyond any manufactuers or resellers coverage. 


Need tips or advice? Or simply want to learn more of what your scanner can do? Give us a call or email us and we can set up a time to do a remote session or have someone stop by your office to help. 


Marotta Dental Studio's Digital Solutions is here to help. We are simply a phone call or email away. 



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