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Digital Dentures

Digital dentures are simple and predictable when utilizing the latest in cad-cam technology. Marotta Dental Studio has always been on the forefront of new technologies and materials.


Whether milling or printing, we have the solutions to deliver digital dentures.

Milling provides an esthetic result akin to traditional processed dentures. With different modalities, there is a wide variety of paths to a digital product. You can simply mill the base and still glue in traditional denture teeth. You could also mill the teeth out individually or custom design and mill a splinted tooth bridge.

Whatever path you choose, you can feel confident that a well-fitting, esthetic product will be delivered.

3D printing dentures is also possible - particularly for try-ins or quick, immediate dentures. The esthetics of printed dentures, especially the pink gingival, does not match traditionally processed or milled dentures. However, for quick temporaries or backups, they are a robust product that can be easily reproduced.

We also work with Avadent and Dentca to produce dentures through their protocol if you prefer. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured knowing that we have over 75 years of experience behind every product we produce.

Contact us to learn more about all our digital removable products and get a complete case workup and quote.

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