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TCS Unbreakable

TCS Unbreakable is a line of high-performance nylon thermoplastic that is used for flexible partial dentures. BPA and monomer free, it provides a high degree of flexibility, strength, and durability.

Its light weight makes it suitable for all flexible partial needs in addition to serving patients with allergies to acrylic. Available in 5 different gingival shades, an esthetic match is all but guaranteed.

Combined with our state of the art injection press, every case is processed with digital controls on heating and timing to ensure the highest quality possible.

Experience the Marotta difference with over 75 years experience. Contact us today to learn more and to get a complete case quote.

TCS Unbreakable is indicated for partials, unilateral flippers, combined with metal frameworks or rest seats, and to cover tori.

A clear color is available for clasps to provide even more esthetics when having to cover anterior teeth for retention.

For partials we would require a model or digital impression, counter model or scan, and a bite.

Insurance codes:

D5225 Maxillary Partial Denture

D5526 Mandibular Partial Denture

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