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The X2 bridge is the 21st century hybrid.

The foundation is a precision milled titanium bar fixed to implants. The overstructure is designed and milled at the same time, providing an unsurpassed fit. This makes the X2 ideal when screw access holes may present a problem, or on cases with multiple implant systems. Once the titanium bar is fixed, only the overstructure need be removed for maintenance and cleaning.

The overstructure is available in PMMA, Zirconia, and Pekkton polymer. Pekkton is an ideal blend of strength and esthetics but is kind to opposing dentition and easily repaired. The PMMA can be utilized as a temporary while the definitive frame is being maintained or relined. 

Since the X2 is a precision milled titanium bar and overstructure without utilizing cast alloy and gold cylinders, we are able to flat fee it and reduce the overall cost.

The X2 is a predictable and highly esthetic restoration to provide to patients who are looking for a hybrid solution but have contraindications that have not normally made them a candidate.

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