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The Fusion Bridge combines a precision milled cobalt chrome framework with individual e.max CAD crowns to provide a unique restorative option.

The framework is milled with individual ideal crown preps built into the framework. Combining the precision fit of milled frameworks provide an excellent support structure for the final restorations. Being cobalt chrome, we are able to bake pink porcelain for gingival esthetics.

On top of the framework, individual e.max CAD crowns are fabricated and can be cemented at the lab or intraorally. One of the benefits from this design is that if any crown chips or fractures, instead of removing the entire bridge we can simply replace the tooth that chipped.

Another benefit of this approach is that if the screw access isn't in an ideal position, the framework can be screwed in and the crowns cemented intraorally to mask the screw hole. This allows for a fixed restoration where it may not have been previously indicated.

Contact us to learn more about this restorative option and see if it will be a good fit for your patients.

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