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Conus Overdenture

The Conus Overdenture system offers a cost-effective implant-supported prosthesis. Utilizing Atlantis Conus abutments with universal SynCone caps, you can offer patients a customized, stable but removable restoration. All abutments are custom made ensuring they are parallel to each other and that the margin is as close to the soft tissue as possible. The SynCone caps provide a friction-retained non-resilient removable restoration providing patients optimal chewing and phonetic function while still maintaining clensability.


The Conus Overdenture system offers a predictable and cost-effective solution for your edentulous patients. In a fixed number of steps, you can provide your patient with a cost-effective, implant-supported restoration. Conus Abutments provide up to 30 degrees of angulation correction, are easy to maintain, and do not cause any pressure on the soft tissue. More importantly, the retention is virtually wear-free, freeing up chair time and keeping your patients satisfied.

Contact us to learn more about the Conus Overdenture System.

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Conus Abutments.gif

5-Step Conus Appointment Protocol

  • First Appointment:

    • Take an impression of the implants using proper impression copings.

    • Take a bite and impression of opposing.

    • Send to lab to get Conus Abutments fabricated.

  • Second Appointment:

    • Take record base / occlusal verification.

  • Third Appointment:

    • Tooth Try-in.

  • Fourth Appointment:

    • Try in Abutments, frame & setup.

  • Fifth Appointment:

    • Torque Conus Abutments.

    • Check Occlusion.

    • Seat Denture.

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