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MDS-Bio, a division of Marotta Dental Studio, Inc., is a specialized researcher, designer, and fabricator of custom implants for scaffolded craniofacial reconstructions. Our specialties include cast or milled titanium and milled zirconia medical and dental implant prosthetics.


These restorations are instrumental in improving the quality of life for patients who are in need of major facial reconstruction due to cancer, trauma, and complex abnormalities of the hard and soft tissues of their skull, face, ears, lips, and palate.

Craniofacial engineering requires the application of the engineering principles of material science, load analysis, and dental engineering to the mouth and cranial areas. MDS-Bio specializes in CAD-CAM, nanotechnology, stereo-lithography, and bio-modeling.

Our prosthetic expertise includes engineering jaw axes, eye orbits, outer ear prosthetic implants, and finger joints that are virtually indistinguishable from the patient’s own body.


With over 75 years of experience, MDS-Bio is a natural growth from our abilities. Pictured below is an array of our projects. Contact us anytime to discuss a potential restoration. We specialize in custom-made prostheses: no matter the indication, we will find a solution. Experience the Marotta difference on craniofacial prosthetics.

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