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Metal Free Partials

Metal free partials are possible by utilizing the latest advanced polymers and cad-cam milling systems. Marotta Dental Studio has always been on the forefront of the latest digital advancements for over 25 years.

Whether utilizing Juvoira, Ultaire AKP or other brands, these partials perform on a level between flexible partials and metal partials. Typically they perform with more flex than metal partials but are far more rigid then typical flexible partial material.

Designed digitally and milled, the design is always available to update if teeth need to be added or clasps need to be changed. Repairs are possible by processing in additional clasps.

Typically these prostheses are thicker than metal, especially on the clasps, so the thickness needs to be accounted for when prescribing.

These materials are lightweight, have superior mechanical properties to typical plastics and polymers, have resistance to temperature and elements, and have a strong surface strength. Overall, they provide a strong foundation for digital partials without using traditional metal frameworks.

Contact us for more information about our materials and a complete case estimate.

Ultaire Partial PP.png
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