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If you refuse to compete with the discount dental clinics and want to make a quality, ethical, fixed dental restoration that is cost-efficient, your choice is clear:

The Gibraltar Bridge - Solid as the Rock of Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Bridge is a fixed-implant prosthesis you can be proud of: A precision milled titanium prosthesis in conjunction with the Marotta Dental Studio Protocol for implant success. 


Demand for full-arch restorations is increasing (the number of people with one or both fully edentulous arches is estimated to increase from 33.6 million to 37.9 million by 2020) and so is the need for quality and reasonably priced restorations.  Full dentures and implant-supported overdentures have been the choice when price is an issue. But now, by applying the team concept to the patient evaluation, planning, implementation, and production of The Gibraltar Bridge, a flat-fee system is a superior option.


This is a predictable and profitable option for doctors to follow to provide patients with a quality and affordable solution for full-arch restorations.

In a minimal number of visits that follow very specific steps, you can provide a full-arch prosthesis to an edentulous patient:


  • Step 1 – Refer patient to surgical practice for evaluation

  • Step 2 – Have patient’s denture evaluated by laboratory

  • Patient Visit 1 – Impression for Temporary Prosthesis

  • Patient Visit 2 – Insertion of Temporary Prosthesis

  • Patient Visit 3 - Impression for Final Prosthesis, Determine Shade

  • Patient Visit 4 – Wax Rim, Implant Verification Jig

  • Patient Visit 5 – Wax Try-in, Bar Try-in

  • Patient Visit 6 – Insertion of Final Prosthesis

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