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Immediate Loading

We make immediate loads simple. There is no wasted chairtime converting a prosthesis the day of surgery, and you are not tied down to a fully guided prosthesis that offers no flexibility. Our indirect, immediate loads are fabricated at the lab, and you have a simple no-fuss insertion 24 hours after surgery.



If the patient is edentulous and has a well fitting denture, we can simply duplicate the denture (and will need a bite and opposing). Otherwise, a custom tray may be needed.


If the patient has teeth, we will need an impression of the arch that will be extracted, an opposing impression/model, and bite.


If necessary, a bite rim and/or setup will be fabricated to ensure we have the proper mounting at the lab.


A bite transfer appliance will be supplied for the surgery (all other models/mountings are held at the laboratory).


The surgery is preschedueld with the laboratory. The implant impression and bite transfer should be sent to the laboratory.


24 Hours after receiving the materials, a screw-retained temporary will be returned ready for insert with minimal adjustments.


Six months to a year later we can begin the work of fabricating the definitive restoration.

Imm dupe denture.jpg
Imm Custom Tray.jpg
Imm impression.jpg
imm bite rim.jpg
Imm setup.jpg
imm bite 2.jpg
imm bite.jpg
imm insert.jpg
imm temp.jpg
Immediate Load Parts.jpg
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