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Impresa Bridge

Full contour Zirconia Implant Bridges have becomeincreasingly popular in the digital age. Many systems exist on the market with varied success and esthetics. Full arch implant restorations are a standard at Marotta Dental Studio with over 25 years of clinical success.


Whether it is cast alloy, milled titanium, or cobalt chrome and milled zirconia, Marotta has been at the forefront of such technologies. When the prospect of monolithic zirconia implant restorations emerged, we followed our protocol of research and trial cases prior to launching a product. Through our time-tested research protocol, we are pleased to announce our Impresa™ Implant bridges using our Zir+ ™ zirconia. Zir+ has high compressive strength and the highest translucency available for any zirconia.  

Provisional Prototype. Before going to completion, the Impresa™ bridge requires the completion of a full-contour provisional prototype. This must be tried out and worn by the patient, during which time adjustments can be made. Once the prototype is approved it is returned to the lab and then copy milled into the final product.

Final Impresa ™.  The Impresa™ is a monolithic Zir+™ implant bridge. Our Zir+™ zirconia can match any shade and is still high strength so there is no worry about porcelain chipping or fracturing. Finally, pink porcelain is hand layered to provide lifelike detail and esthetics. The result is a superior monolithic zirconia restoration.

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