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Just like Manhattan is a symbol of the industrial revolution, the Manhattan Bridge™ is a Cad/Cam revolution with ties to traditional handmade craftsmanship.

The options for full-arch CAD/CAM implant bridges have been limited from acrylic processed to metal frames, to monolithic zirconia frames. One is fragile and requires repairs, the other is indestructible and virtually impossible to adjust or modify in the future. The Manhattan Bridge™ is a precision milled CoCr bridge with porcelain baked to it. It is much stronger than any hybrid style frame and easier to opposing dentition than monolithic zirconia. 

Best of all, it can always go back into the oven for any adjustments, repairs, or modifications, which is a bonus when restoring the opposing full arch in the future.

Since this is a milled prosthesis without the need for gold cylinder, as opposed to traditional porcelain fused to cast alloy which requires gold cylinders, we are able to flat fee it and reduce the overall cost.

This is a predictable and profitable option that allows doctors to provide patients with a quality and affordable solution for full-arch restorations.

(Cobalt Chrome Milling)

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