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The Time has come for the most esthetic and durable Zirconia Restoration: Zir+.

After years of testing and research, Marotta Dental Studio has formulated a Zirconia for Single units to Bridges and Implant restorations. Used in conjunction with our N-Style Porcelain, we are able to provide the highest strength and most esthetic restorations possible today.


The Zir+ is Marotta Dental Studio’s exclusive CAD/CAM system for the construction of monolithic, high-strength, metal-free, zirconia prosthetics for both the anterior and posterior. Zirconia is the strongest material available for use in restorations today. It provides better fracture-resistance, an outstanding marginal fit, and superior biocompatibility. For that reason, we at Marotta Dental Studio—where quality is always a priority—have made Zirconia-based crown and bridge work a staple of our service, and are pleased to offer our own customized system.

Our full contour crowns are ideal for patients who show signs of bruxism or exhibit worn dentition that does not indicate the use of traditional ceramic restorative options.

Our full contour implant bridges rival the traditional full arch screw-retained implant bridge, particularly in regards to screw hole fracturing, tooth breakage, and warping.

When combined with our exclusive N-Style porcelain system, Zir+ restorations are unparalleled in both strength and esthetics.

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