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One of the biggest challenges today is supporting the equipment you purchase. From intraoral scanners to wet and dry milling machines, getting the support you require can be an ongoing challenge. 


Even with a support plan, being on the phone with support cuts into the time you could be using to be with patients. Marotta Digital Solutions can run point on any support issue. We can remote into your system and speak with support for you. Let us get your scanner or mill back up without cutting into chairtime or running between your operatory and lab. 


But what happens when your support plan & warranty run out? 


Today's equipment costs more and lasts longer than ever before, yet warranties and service plans only last for one to two years. Marotta Digital Solutions is there to help. We provide ongoing support for your scanner and mill, well past the manufacturers and resellers' normal time. 


Let us handle your routine support and maintenance, and have peace of mind that you have a partner you can trust if a major issue arises. 


Contact us today and we can schedule a consultation to go over your equipment, expectations, and needs. 

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