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Not every case is an implant restoration - and our fixed department is ready to handle everyting from single crowns to full arch implant restorations.

Our support team is with you every step of the way. Contact us to go over all your material options whether its a single unit or full mouth rehabilitation.

Utilizing the latest technology and timeless techniques we deliver superior results. Trust the experience of over 75 years of dental esthetics, technology and service.

We will deliver a step-by-step treatment plan and quote so you and your patients never have any surprises. Experience the Marotta difference.



Brux+™ is our line of full contour zirconia restorations.


Utilizing our custom zirconia pucks we are able to deliver outstanding strength and esthetics. We have options for both higher strength opaque restorations to highly esthetic layered pucks.


With our custom blended zirconia we can match any indication and give you piece of mind that there won't be any porcelain chipping or fracturing. You can compare Brux+ with BruxZir™ and Zirlux™ crowns.

Explore our Brux+™ Crowns here.

And contact us to learn more about all our full contour zirconia options.


We are proud to make full arch restorations simple & predictable. From immediate loading to the final restoration we have a specific full arch protocol to avoid complications and remakes

All our full arch restorations are one flat fee regardless of the number of implants. This allows you to predictably bill for the case. 

Contact us today to learn more or use the links below for more information.

Immediate loading
Full arch options

One-Step Implants

Our one-step implant solutions provide predictable restorative options and pricing for single unit restorations and small span bridges. 

By leveraging our cad/cam technology with our implant protocol for success we are able to flat-fee both screw-retained and cementable options. 

Our one-step implant solution makes planning and restoring implant cases simple and easy. Contact us today or click the link below to learn more about our one-step implant solutions. 

imm temp.png
One-Step Options

Crown & Bridge


We have always been on the forefront of the latest technologies and techniques. Our crown & bridge department is second to none. 

From traditional cast metal to lithium silicates and all ceramic options we are able to produce any restoration you are looking for. 

From highly aesthetic no-prep feldspathic veneers to laser sintered metal copings there is no case to big or too small. 

Contact us today or click below to learn more about all our crown & bridge options. 

Crown & Bridge Options

Removable Options

Dentures & over dentures still make a significant portion of a clinicians armamentarium. We are proud to offer a full removable and partial department at Marotta Dental Studio.

We fabricate cast metal partials in house, without the need to outsource. 

We also utilize the latest technology in our removable department, from milled partial frameworks to digital dentures. Contact us today or click below to learn more. 

Double Structure (18).png
Conus 01.jpg
Removable Options


Zir+™ is our line of porcelain fused to zirconia restorations.


Utilizing our custom zirconia pucks we are able to deliver outstanding strength and esthetics. With hand layered feldspathic porcelain we can deliver unmatched esthetics even for anterior teeth.

With our custom blended zirconia we can also only do a facial buildup to ensure that the occlusal surfaces are in zirconia and still deliver a highly esthetic restoration.

Explore our Zir+™ Crowns here.

And contact us to learn more about all our porcelain fused to zirconia.



The Manhattan Bridge™ is a precision milled CoCr bridge with porcelain baked to it. It is much stronger than any hybrid style frame and easier to opposing dentition than monolithic zirconia. Best of all, it can always go back into the oven for any adjustments, repairs, or modifications, which is a bonus when restoring the opposing full arch in the future


Sometimes there are cases that cannot be a fixed restoration due to angulation or severe bone loss and the traditional overdentures are not an option. Today with precision milling we can fabricate a Gemini Bridge™- the most accurate well-fitting under frame with corresponding acrylic to metal or porcelain fused to metal over frame.


The Gibraltar Bridge™ is a fixed-implant prosthesis you can be proud of: A milled titanium prosthesis using an Implant Bridge platform in conjunction with the Marotta Dental Studio Protocol for implant Success.


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The Stella Bridge™ is a monolithic Zirconia bridge with unmatched strength and esthetics. It has a labial veneer of porcelain for maximum esthetic results. The biting surface remains in monolithic zirconia to not sacrifice strength


The Fusion Bridge is a precision milled titanium implant bridge. It is processed with a high luster strong pink PMMA gingival and is finished with 12 milled monolithic e.max crowns. They are individually cemented on the frame chairside to give the best esthetics and strength possible




The Impresa Bridge™ is also a monolithic Zirconia bridge.  It Impresa Bridge is fully zirconia and is only stained and glazed

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