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Flat-Fee Full Arch Restorations

We are happy to provide simple, flat-fee pricing for all our full arch restorations. The prices include all the laboratory procedures for the case, excluding implant components. Contact us today to learn more about our Full Arch Made Simple restorations and to get a detailed estimate.

The Manhattan Bridge Logo.jpg

The Manhattan Bridge is a milled cobalt chrome frame with layered feldspathic porcelain. By utilizing the latest in cad-cam technology we are able to deliver a full-arch PFM restoration for one flat-fee. Click to learn more about this restorative revolution.


The Gibraltar Bridge is akin to your traditional hybrid prosthesis. The framework is milled from surgical grade titanium and layered with denture teeth and acrylic providing a cost-effective full arch restoration. Click to learn more.

Impresa Bridge

Our Impresa Bridge is our monolithic zirconia solution. Precision milled from one puck of zirconia this bridge provides unsurpassed strength. Gone are the worries of porcelain chipping or teeth wearing down. The pink porcelain is layered to provide superior esthetics. Click to learn more about our unmatched perforamnce!

Fusion Bridge Logo 1 trans.gif

The fusion bridge is a milled cobalt-chrome or titanium framework that has individual e.max CAD crowns cemented on top. For one flat fee you can provide a highly esthetic restoration that can also account for screw-holes that would have previously precluded a screw-retained restoration. Click to learn more.

Gemini Bridge Logo Proof 1.gif

Our Gemini Bridge combines the benefits of fixed with the clensability of a removable restoration. Utilizing MK-1, Locator or Equator attachments you can provide a fixed solution for patients that can still be removed for cleaning. Click to learn more.

X2 Logo Trans.png

The X2 Bridge utilizes the latest in cad-cam materials. Combining polymers like Pekkton or Trilor we are able to quickly produce high-quality long term restorations. With more design flexibility you can tailor the design to your patients needs. Click to learn more.

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